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Once the music clearance process has successfully completed, a project enters the Licensing and Administration phase.  At this point, it can be assumed that all necessary approvals have been obtained from the copyright owners of the music desired, and you are ready to request and, in some cases, issue the licenses needed in order to finalize your agreements with the copyright owners for use of their music in your project.


This process can be lengthy and daunting, but at Music Business Affairs, we have the knowledge and the resources necessary to simplify and manage this process on behalf of our clients. As part of this service, we will:


  • Confirm with copyright owners (at this stage, “Licensors”) the terms agreed to during the music clearance process, and request and/or issue formal license agreements at those terms for all confirmed music uses.

  • As licenses are received from the Licensors, we will review the terms of each license to confirm they align with what was agreed to during the clearance process, requesting revisions and corrections to the terms as needed.

    • If desired, a complete legal review of agreements and licensing language can be done by our in-house attorney; this service must be contracted for separately.

  • Once license review is completed, and the terms of the license reflect what was agreed to during the clearance process, we will forward licenses to you, the Licensee, for signature and to issue payment for the license fees owed to the Licensor.

  • When we have a signed agreement and funds for the license fees from you, we will forward to the Licensor for countersignature, if still needed.  Once we are in receipt of a  fully executed license agreement, we will forward to you for your records, thus completing the licensing process for that particular agreement.

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